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Rural industries are major contributors to the economy of Tasmania

More than a quarter of Tasmania's land area is committed to agriculture. When primary production is combined with dependent downstream processing, it provides around a third of Gross State Product, about a third of employment and a quarter of all overseas exports.  More Facts and Figures here.


See AgriGrowth Tasmania and Investing in Irrigation.  Read the latest 'Tasmanian Regions' e-magazine.             

Note: - The Tasmanian Government has extended the current moratorium on the commercial production of GM crops until November 2019. 


  Current Bushfires & Other Incidents (these alerts may be out of date, for the latest please check Fire Tasmania also see the complete list of alerts for Tasmania at TasAlert)
  • Channel Highway, WOODBRIDGE
  • Tasman Highway, RUNNYMEDE
  • Wilmot Road, FORTH
  • Gladstone Road, PIONEER
  • Woods Lake Dam, INTERLAKEN
  • Macquarie Street, CRESSY
  • Hays Lagoon, EMITA
  • Great Bend Road, TARLETON
  • Weymouth Road, WEYMOUTH
  • Franklin Road, SASSAFRAS
  • Gladstone Road, PIONEER
  • Lamont Road, Glengarry
  • Hogans Road, Mathinna
  • Rothalls Road, Blessington
  • Mud Walls Road, COLEBROOK
  • Gardens Road, Binalong Bay
  • Treloggins Track / Stieglitz
Visit the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture website for updates on research, development, extension and education programs in Tasmanian agriculture.
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16/11/2014 Min 11 Max 19
Showers, mainly morning.
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Possible shower.
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