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Rural industries in the economy of Tasmania

Agriculture is a key pillar of the Tasmanian economy, generating over $1.1 billion dollars at the farm gate each year.  Combined with dependent downstream processing, rural industries provide a third of Gross State Product, a third of employment and a quarter of all overseas exports.

 ♦  See more facts and figures about agriculture in Tasmania here and here

The Tasmanian Government has extended the moratorium on the commercial production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) until November 2019.  Hormones and antibiotics are not used to promote growth in livestock.

  ♦  Visit Water for Profit and Investing in Irrigation

  ♦  Links to Managing Seasonal Conditions and current restrictions and flood takes for rivers and streams in Tasmania.


  Current Bushfires & Other Incidents (these alerts may be out of date, for the latest please check Fire Tasmania also see the complete list of alerts for Tasmania at TasAlert)
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    Visit the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture website for updates on research, development, extension and education programs in Tasmanian agriculture.
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    Westwood, York Plains, Fingal  01/09/2015, 02/09/2015, 03/09/2015
    'Discover Agriculture' camp for year 10 students 'Discover Agriculture' camp for year 10 students
    Northern Tasmania  01/09/2015, 02/09/2015, 03/09/2015, 04/09/2015
    Deciphering Soil Tests Deciphering Soil Tests
    Perth and Whitemark  07/09/2015, 08/09/2015
    Optimising Beef Weaner Potential Optimising Beef Weaner Potential
    Deloraine  09/09/2015
    Optimising Lamb Weaner Potential Optimising Lamb Weaner Potential
    Ross  10/09/2015
    Building the Dairy Herd Building the Dairy Herd
    Scottsdale, Deloraine, Smithton  14/09/2015, 15/09/2015, 16/09/2015
    Vegetable Industry Forum Vegetable Industry Forum
    Forth  17/09/2015
    Australian Agronomy Conference Australian Agronomy Conference
    Hobart  20/09/2015, 21/09/2015, 22/09/2015, 23/09/2015, 24/09/2015
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