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Current flood takes for rivers and streams across Tasmania


 Current Irrigation Water Restrictions

   More information on Irrigation Water Restrictions can be found at the Public Information website at http://www.publicinfo.tas.gov.au/


 (per allocations)

 PERIOD FROM:                  

 (unless advised otherwise)

Tomahawk River & Tributaries  Total Ban Surety 5 and 6  7pm Monday 9th October 2017  7pm Tuesday 31 October 2017
 St Pauls River and Tributaries  Total Ban Surety 5 and 6  midnight Saturday 30 September 2017  midnight Tuesday 31 Otober 2017


 Current Easing of Irrigation Water Restrictions

 RIVER                                               IRRIGATION RESTRICTION TYPE        PERIOD FROM:                          




 Current Flood Takes


  IRRIGATION  TYPE (per allocations)  

   PERIOD FROM:                           

 PERIOD TO:  (unless advised otherwise)