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Backyard pigs: health and welfare advice (December 2010)
Backyard pigs, health and welfare advice
Backyard Poultry (Backyard_poultry.pdf 553 KB)
Backyard poultry fact sheet
Barley and other grain growers encouraged to remain vigilant for signs of Ramularia leaf spot (July 2017)
Biosecurity Tasmania is encouraging barley and other grain growers to remain vigilant for signs of Ramularia leaf spot of barley.
Be smart and safe with fire
Tips on remaining vigilant, even when the bushfire season is over.
Beef cattle appraisal
Provides links to primefacts including dressing percentages, frame scoring and live cattle assesment.
Beef Central
Beef Central is an online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian beef industry.
Beef Industry
Information on the Tasmanian beef industry.
Beef Industry (R&D) Trust (Report_Review_of_Tasmanian_Beef_Industry_(R&D)_Trust_Act.pdf 499 KB)
Review of the Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust Act 1990
Beef production trial (target of 2,000kg liveweight/ha)
A three year trial investigated grazing management practices, designed to increase beef production to 2,000kg liveweight/ha per year.
Bees in Tasmania (October 2013)
The requirements for the management of bees into Tasmania.
Benchmarking wheat water-use efficiency in Tasmania
This factsheet reports on desktop modeling studies to benchmark wheat water-use efficiency (WUE) and to explore the sensitivity of WUE to changes in management practice.
Best practice Biosecurity Manual for cherry growers (2011)
Best practice biosecurity manual for cherry growers
Best Practice Poppy Growing Guide for Tasmania
The aim of these notes is to highlight the “must do’s” or issues that must be addressed so as not to limit the potential of a crop to achieve a yield that approaches the limit of the plant for the specific season and site.
Better management of deer, game and browsing animals in Tasmania
The State Government is delivering on its plan to better manage deer, game and browsing animals in Tasmania by establishing the new Tasmanian Game Council and the Game Services Tasmania unit.
Biodynamics Agriculture Australia Ltd
Contains information for biodynamic farmers including definitions, seasonal notes, events calendar, products, photo galleries, etc.
Biosecurity content page with links
Biosecurity-Import Risk Analysis (Import-risk-anaylsis.pdf 1366 KB)
Import Risk Analysis Framework
Biosecurity Advisory - Harvesters (harvester.pdf 338 KB)
Biosecurity fact sheet on importing used harvesters into Tasmania
Biosecurity Advisory - Nutsedge (nutsedge.pdf 459 KB)
Information flyer on Yellow Nutsedge incursion
Biosecurity Advisory - Used Machinery (used_machinery.pdf 292 KB)
Biosecurity Factsheet on importing used machinery
Biosecurity and Farmers' Markets (Aust Gov)
Guidelines for on-farm food safety for fresh produce.
Biosecurity IR38_Myrtle rust (IR38_Myrtle_rust.pdf 98 KB)
Import requirement documentation for myrtle rust
Biosecurity Plan for the berry industry launched (November 2013)
A biosecurity plan for the Rubus industry (raspberries and blackberries) has just been launched.
Biosecurity plans and manuals for plant and animal industries (August 2012)
To date, over 20 primary industries have developed biosecurity plans/manuals for use by industry members.
Biosecurity Tasmania
Biosecurity Tasmania is the division of DPIPWE responsible for leading the biosecurity effort in Tasmania in partnership with the community and industry.
Biosecurity Tasmania (includes Quarantine)
Biosecurity Tasmania is the division of DPIPWE responsible for leading the biosecurity effort in Tasmania in partnership with the community and industry.
Biosecurity Tasmania (May 2014)
Biosecurity Tasmania brings together the Biosecurity and Product Integrity Division and the Invasive Species Branch of DPIPWE.
BOM appendices (CSIRO_BOM_Report_Appendices.pdf 755 KB)
BOM appendices
BOM full report (CSIRO_BOM_Full_report.pdf 1394 KB)
BOM full report
Bovine Pestivirus in Tasmania
Information on Bovine Pestivirus including diagnostics, risks and management information.
Brand Tasmania
Brand Tasmania aims to heighten the profile, quality and value of Tasmanian products and services in the marketplace and to encourage a broad-based ownership of the Tasmanian brands by Tasmanian enterprises and the community.
BREEDPLAN is a modern genetic evaluation system for beef cattle breeders.
Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)
The Bureau of Meteorology web portal.
Bushfire information and assistance from SheepConnect Tasmania
Links to the latest bushfire information, assistance providers and animal welfare advice prepared by SheepConnect Tasmania.
Bushfire safety advice
Provides useful information and advice on what to do when a bushfire threatens and preparing yourself & property for bushfire.
Dealing with bushfires and fire damage.
Business Design Template (Business_Design_V4.xls 199 KB)
Template for farmers
Business Information, Marketing and Assistance
Information to assist you running and marketing your business - including registration requirements plus resources, tools and guides.
Business Tasmania
Business Tasmania is the place to go for all business needs. It contains comprehensive information on licensing, legislative regulations and government services to assist with starting and growing a business.
Buying and Selling Cattle in Tasmania
The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) is Australia’s system for the identification and tracing of livestock.
Buying and Selling Sheep and Goats in Tasmania
The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) for sheep & goats has been developed to maintain and improve access to export markets by strengthening the integrity of the product supply chain.
Buying_drench (buying_drench.pdf 379 KB)
Buying drench - a fact sheet for hobby farmers
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