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DAFF investigation into reports of animal cruelty in Israel
The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has commenced an investigation into a complaint of animal cruelty at the Bakar Tnuva abattoir in Israel.
DAFF reviews policy on cat and dog imports into Australia
The policy that determines the import conditions for dogs and cats and their semen is undergoing review.
DAFF statement on Australian cattle exported to Egypt
The Egyptian government has confirmed that Australian cattle with ear implant growth promotants will only have their ears removed after slaughter (not before).
DAFF statement regarding the ABC Four Corners program on live sheep exports
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) statement regarding the ABC Four Corners program on live sheep exports
DAFF update on contaminated dairy products imported from New Zealand (6 August)
The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has a high level of confidence in the quality and safety of Australian-made dairy products.
Dairy Australia
Dairy Australia delivers the services needed by the Australian dairy industry for its ongoing and future development as a competitive, innovative and sustainable dairy industry that contributes to the overall prosperity of Australian and regional economies.
Dairy Australia - markets & trade
Provides dairy industry market and trade information including farmgate prices, export opportunities and market outlooks.
Dairy Australia - student information
Discover Dairy is an interactive website to help primary school students discover dairy for a healthy life.
Dairy Australia cuts budget as milk prices fall and levies dry up
The peak body representing Australia's dairy farmers has been forced to slash its budget, as low prices wreak havoc on the industry.
Dairy company sale to proceed after legal injunction lifted
The sale of Australia's largest dairy company in Tasmania's north-west to a Chinese buyer can go ahead after a legal injunction blocking the sale was lifted.
Dairy Demonstration Shed opens at Hagley Farm School
Currently over 200 schools and over 5,000 school aged students from around Tasmania visit the facility each year.
Dairy Effluent Guidelines (DPIPWE)
Dairy effluent is a useful resource with value as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, but there are guidelines that must be followed to ensure health and safety of livestock and workers.
Dairy Employment Register now open
Dairy farmers looking for employees are invited to share their requirement and contact details with DairyTas.
Dairy exporters encouraged to look at new markets
Exporters should look to South East Asia, according to a Chinese-based dairy analyst.
Dairy farmers say plant juices are not milk
What is milk? Is it soy, almond or rice — or does it only come from cows?
Dairy Industry
Dairy information for Tasmania.
Dairy Industry 2012 Small Projects Grant Program
Dairy Industry 2012 Small Project Grants Program
Dairy industry sets course for sustainable growth
Dairy Industry Sets Course for Sustainable Growth
Dairy mastitis management guidelines updated
An essential reference tool for all dairy farmers tackling mastitis in their herds has been updated by Dairy Australia and is available to order.
Dairy prices
Dairy Prices
Dairy processor Fonterra cuts milk prices for Australian suppliers
New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra will cut the price it pays its Australian farmer suppliers this season.
Dairy processor Lion opens specialty cheese factory at Burnie
Dairy processor Lion has launched the southern hemisphere's largest specialty cheese factory.
Dairy processor Murray Goulburn cuts milk prices
Australia's largest dairy processor Murray Goulburn has announced it will cut its milk price for suppliers, with managing director Gary Helou also announcing his departure.
Dairy processor Murray Goulburn increases milk prices
Dairy giant Murray Goulburn has announced a milk price increase for dairy farmers, coming months after a series of cuts.
Dairy processor Murray Goulburn posts big loss as milk production plummets
Australia's largest dairy processor Murray Goulburn has posted a $31.9 million loss in its half-year results.
Dairy scholarship
Dairy scholarship
Dairy Stock Underpass Pilot Program
On 28 April 2017 the Tasmanian Government announced a Dairy Stock Underpass Pilot Program to help dairy farmers increase efficiencies and improve road and farm safety at the same time.
Dairy study tour to New Zealand
Dairy study tour to New Zealand opportunity.
Dairying for Tomorrow
A national strategy for the dairy industry to work with community partners, to sustain its natural resources.
DairyTas is the Tasmanian service delivery arm of Dairy Australia. The aim is to identify, prioritise, promote, facilitate and leverage opportunities for research, development and extension activities in the Tasmanian dairy industry.
DairyTas releases 2014-15 Annual Report
DairyTas has released its 2014/15 Annual Report and elected new board members.
DairyTas reports phenomenal growth in the Tasmanian dairy industry
Milk production in Tasmania has seen phenomenal growth in the September quarter.
DairyTas seeking a new board member
There is a current vacancy for a dairy farmer board member of DairyTas.
DairyTas seeking new members for its Farmer Advisory Groups
Farmer Advisory groups meet at least quarterly with the aim of being the voice of dairy farmers feeding information back to the DairyTas board.
DairyTas seeking two new members to fill board vacancies
Two vacancies currently exist for dairy farmer positions on the DairyTas board.
DairyTas seeks members for Regional Farmer Advisory Groups
The DairyTas board is seeking interested dairy farmers to be part of new regional dairy advisory groups in each of the 6 regions in Tasmania.
DairyTas seeks two new directors
DairyTas is seeking one dairy farmer position and one industry representative position on the Board, for a maximum of 2 three-year terms commencing from November 2017.
DairyTas to offer free business courses in 2015
DairyTas will be offering some new financial and business management programs for dairy farmers in 2015.
Dairyweb is a web-based communications solution that enables dairy organisations to improve their communications with dairy farmers. Dairyweb provides a range of services and tools that enable organisations to streamline their communications with their milk suppliers and for dairy farmers to conveniently access important business information.
Dam works permit guidelines (DPIPWE)
These Guidelines provide advice for obtaining a dam permit under the Water Management Act 1999.
Dams and Dam Permits
Under the Water Management Act 1999, a dam permit is generally required for all dams. There are some exceptions.
Danny Jones from Pure Foods in Tasmania named as Egg Producer of the Year
Danny Jones from Pure Foods in Tasmania is the winner of the inaugural Egg Producer of the Year category in the 2014 Farmer of the Year Awards
Databases by subject
Databases are listed by subject below OR your may prefer to view databases by name. Contact DPIPWE Library on (03) 6233 6418 if you require any assistance with these databases.
Databases by title
Databases are listed by name or you may prefer to view databases by subject.
Dealing with high moisture levels at grain harvest
There are a number of options for dealing with high moisture levels in harvested grain.
Delay to reforms to aerial and ground spraying regulations
The Minister is seeking more time for the Legislative Council to consider reforms to spraying regulations.
Demand for crop pollination in Tasmania is almost doubling each year
Demand for crop pollination in Tasmania is almost doubling each year and beekeepers are not able to keep up.
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Aust Gov)
The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ​​​​develops and implements policies and programmes to ensure Australia's agricultural, fisheries, food and fore​stry indust​ries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable.
Department of Agriculture awake to CD seed imports
The Department of Agriculture has been advised that the limited edition CD packaging of Katy Perry’s new album 'Prism' includes paper which contains a small number of seeds.
Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (Aust Gov)
Provides informaiton on cutting greenhouse emmisions and provides a whole of government approach to climate change and greenhouse matters.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - Tasmanian Office
Contact details for the Tasmanian Office of DFAT.
Department of Human Services (formerly Centrelink)
The Department of Human Services (formerly Centrelink), is the Australian Government agency assisting people in need.
Department of Infrastructure and Transport
The Department plays a key role by assisting regions to manage their own futures through its programs and policy development.
A comprehensive resource of information, help and support for those living with depression, their families and friends.
Dept of Agriculture and Food (WA)
DAFWA drives the economic development of the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia, with a focus on export-led growth.
Dept of Agriculture news (Aust Gov)
Latest news from the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture.
Dept of Economic Development
The Department of Economic Development helps Tasmanian businesses and targeted industry sectors to develop and thrive.
Dept of Health and Human Services
Information about the agency including projects, initiatives and latest news.
Dept of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER)
Oversees transport, racing, forests, mineral resources and energy.
Dept of Primary Industries (NSW)
Includes news, articles and information on agriculture from the NSW government.
Dept of Primary Industries (Vic)
Information on primary industries sector in Victoria.
Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Tasmania)
The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) manages Tasmania's natural resources - air, land, water, plants and animals.
Dept. of Primary Industries and Regions (SA)
PIRSA plays a key role in contributing to the sustainable planning and development of South Australia’s natural, industrial and community assets.
Derwent Valley farmers seek more transparency over leases for bauxite exploration
A farmer at Ouse in Tasmania's Derwent Valley has called for improvements to the system of farmers being notified about mining exploration on their land.
Derwent Valley producers work on future skills and labour shortages
A group of Derwent Valley producers have been working together over the last few months to address future skills and labour shortages.
Detecting Liver Fluke
Sheep and cattle producers are offered free on-farm liver fluke testing during autumn.
Developing the Tasmanian poppy industry
Request for quotations for a socio-economic study of Tasmania's poppy industry.
Devonport City Abattoir jobs secured for the future
The Tasmanian Government has provided a grant to JBS Australia to upgrade and maintain the State’s largest service processing facility at Devonport.
Devonport to host Regional Outlook conference on 29 April
Economic trends and regional impacts, commodity updates and a host of local issues will be on the agenda at the Devonport Regional Outlook conference, hosted by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences on 29 April.
Dial Before you Dig
A free referral service for information on underground pipes and cables anywhere in Australia.
Dial Blythe irrigation project now open
Farmland in Tasmania's North-West will be transformed by the newly opened Dial Blythe irrigation scheme.
Dialing for dairy help
The tasmanian dairy industry has launched a "dairy helpline".
Dictionaries online
State Library Tasmania listing of online dictionaries
Discover Agriculture 2012 for high school students
The Tasmanian 'Discover Agriculture 2012' program of activities for high school students starts at the end of August.
Disposal of dead livestock after floods
Landholders can contact the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment on 0418 583 373 to facilitate the removal of carcasses and their appropriate disposal.
Diversity the key to protecting critical herbicide
Despite increasing resistance in weeds to glyphosate, this vitally important herbicide is still effective on most farms where Australian growers are diversifying their weed control practices.
Do your bit to stop the spread of weeds
There are many pests, diseases and weeds that could be introduced into Tasmania if machinery and equipment are not properly and thoroughly cleaned before arriving here.
Dog teams strengthen Tasmania's biosecurity net
Tasmania has nine detector dog teams patrolling the frontline at ports, airports and mail distribution centres, as a result of our $4 million investment in biosecurity frontline initiatives.
Dorper Sheep Society of Australia
Dorper Sheep Society of Australia homepage.
Dow Agrosciences material safety data sheets
Provides material safety data sheets and information on Dow Agrosciences products.
DPIPWE appoints specialist Apiary Officer
DPIPWE has appointed Karla Williams as a specialist Apiary Officer.
DPIPWE Water Licence holders have the chance to win an iPad at Agfest
If you hold a current water licence, come and visit the DPIPWE tent at Agfest. You can check the details on your water licence and enter a competition to win an iPad Air.
Draft national sheep and cattle welfare standards - public comments close 6 May 2013
The public consultation period on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle and for Sheep and the associated Regulation Impact Statement ends on 6 May.
Draft national strategy for African Boxthorn control released for public comment
The draft National Strategy for African Boxthorn control is open for public comment until 31 August 2012.
Drivers' Licences in Tasmania
Information on Driver Licences in Tasmania
Driving agribusiness innovation and skills
Driving Agribusiness Innovation and Skills
Drones being used to measure Tasmanian native pastures
Unmanned aircraft are being used to gather intelligence on pastures.
Drought - Exceptional Circumstances (csiro-bom-report-future-droughts.pdf 1832 KB)
Joint CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology Report on changing climate
Drought and Rural Assistance (Aust Gov)
Information about drought and rural assistance programs provided by the Australian Government.
Drought assistance ( 0 KB)
Drought assistance summary ( 0 KB)
Drought Evaluation Report (Tasmanian_Drought_Evaluation_Report_Final2011.pdf 1298 KB)
Tasmanian Drought Evaluation Report (2011)
Drought lot project newsletter Feb 2008 (Droughtlot-NewsletterFeb2008e-mail.pdf 861 KB)
Newsletter for the sheep drought lot project
Drought network contact list ( 0 KB)
flyer with contact list for dnt
Drought Quick Reference Guide (Drought_Info_Ref_Guide4.pdf 77 KB)
A quick reference guide to drought assistance available to Tasmanian farmersz, individuals and communitites.
Drought Recovery and Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans now available at 2.47 per cent interest
Drought Recovery and Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans are now available at 2.47 per cent, for 10 year loan terms with interest-only repayments available for the first five years.
Drought recovery options - utilising vacant DSE capacity
Provides information on herd and flock rebuilding, grain, graze or cropping, trading stock or agistment and key considerations for recovery.
Drought tools (MLA)
Here you will find some useful information that may help you manage your animals and pastures through the dry times.
Drought, Bushfires & Emergencies
Links to useful information on drought and other emergencies, including bushfires and animal disease outbreaks.
drumMUSTER is the national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers.
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