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Falling Australian dollar welcome news for red meat exporters
The recent slide in the A$ will have come as welcome news to the Australian red meat sector.
Family of teenager killed in a farming accident urges industry to be mindful of safety
The family of a teenager who died in a farm accident last year is urging everyone in rural areas to be more mindful of safety.
Farm-related injury and death statistics for 2012 have just been published
A total of 50 on‐farm deaths were reported in the Australian media in 2012.
Farm Budgets and Cost Calculators
Provides a guide to the relative profitability of different enterprises and an indication of the different management practices used.
Farm Business and Trade
Topics including planning, record keeping, income management, taxation, insurances, employment, licences, marketing, exporting, freight, research etc.
Farm business assistance (Aust Govt)
Simple and convenient access to all the Government information, transactions and services for businesses. A whole-of-Government service providing essential information on planning, starting and running your business.
Farm business management program calls for applications
Application for Rabobank’s prestigious Executive Development Program are now open.
Farm Business Planning Tools
Gross Margin Analysis templates allow comparisons to be made between potential livestock and cropping enterprises. The business overheads can be taken into account using the 'Designing a Successful Business' template and put into a broader context by using the 'Financial Management Property Planning Module'.
Farm chemicals bill passes Senate
New legislation passed through the Senate will ensure Australian farmers retain access to safe and effective farm chemicals.
Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program
The 'Farming Together' initiative is a national, two-year campaign for primary producers and processors to collaborate and claim marketplace power.
Farm efficiency self audit tool (Farm_Energy_Self_Audit_Tool.pdf 793 KB)
ARM Farm efficiency self audit tool
Farm energy efficiency fact sheet (Farm_Energy_Efficiency_Fact_Sheet.pdf 631 KB)
Farm energy efficiency fact sheet
Farm Finance Concessional Loan Scheme (Tasmania)
The Australian Government has provided $15 million per year (over two years from 2013-14) for the provision of concessional loans to eligible farm businesses in Tasmania. This program is managed by the Department of State Growth.
Farm gate signage
Farm gate signage
Farm lobby groups call for milk contracts to be revised
Dairy farmer lobby groups want the contracts they sign with milk processors changed so the cuts the industry has experienced in 2016 never happen again.
Farm Management
Practical management issues including irrigation, land management, managing weeds, etc.
Farm Management Deposit scheme reaches record levels
The Farm Management Deposits Scheme has reached its highest level of deposits since the programme began in 1999.
Farm Management Deposits (FMD)
The Farm Management Deposits (FMD) scheme is a tax-linked, risk-management tool which assists primary producers to deal with variable income.
Farm offset opportunities (Farm_Offset_Opportunities_Fact_Sheet.pdf 1289 KB)
Farm offset opportunities fact sheet
Farm photo competition
FarmPoint user's choice drought photo competition.
Farm photo competition winners
Winners have been announced for the 2008 Tasmanian Farm Photo Competition.
Farm recruitment
Information on recruitment, induction, retention planning, apprentices and trainees etc
Farm safety a high priority for State funding
The State Government is investing $600,000 in the upcoming state Budget to make safety culture a permanent fixture on Tasmanian farms.
Farm Safety Advisor to visit Flinders and King Islands
Safe Farming Tasmania Consultant Philip John will be visiting Flinders and King Islands in September and October.
Farm Safety Fact Sheets
Fact sheets covering all aspects of farm safety from tractor safety, handling livestock to skin cancer precautions.
Farm safety student video competition - What’s your farm safety story?
The Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership invites high school, university and agriculture college students (aged between 13 and 21) to create and submit a video about an element of farm safety.
Farm sector employer survey - open to 20 February
Rural Skills Australia are conducting a Farm Sector Employer Survey to help build an accurate picture of the employment challenges facing the farming sector.
Farm tax breaks to take effect immediately
The Federal Government has brought forward the start date for new farm tax breaks, effective immediately.
Farm tractor fatalities in 2016
While quad bikes are largely considered to be the leading cause of on-farm injuries and deaths, it was the tractor that accounted for more fatalities in 2016.
Farm water development loan guidelines finalised
New Agri-Business Loan Guidelines finalised
Farm Water development loan scheme (Farm_water_GuidelinesFWDLS.pdf 64 KB)
Farm Water development loan scheme guidelines.
Farm Water Management
Best practices to improve farm productivity and water use efficiency.
Farmer carbon survey
Tasmanian farmers are being asked to participate in an online survey about their understanding of farm-related carbon storage and carbon trading issues.
Farmer confidence dips after dairy price cuts and floods
Farmer confidence in Tasmania has dropped to a three-year low off the back of major flooding in the state's north and retrospective cuts to milk prices.
Farmer Groups and Production Programs
There are a number of grower-focussed and groups in many Tasmanian farming communities across a range of commodities.
Farmer hardship bonus
The Government will provide $20.4 million in 2008-09 for an up-front, one-off payment to farmers and rural-dependent small business owners receiving exceptional circumstances related income support.
Farmer numbers fall, but productivity grows
Reports released by the ABS and ABARES have found that while farmer numbers in Australia have fallen, agricultural productivity and the value of Australian farm exports continue to grow.
Farmers and climate change inquiry
Inquiry into the role of government in assisting Australian farmers to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Farmers at high risk of premature hearing loss
More than one in two farmers will suffer premature hearing loss according to research published by the National Rural Health Alliance.
Farmers back Duck River Irrigation Scheme
The Duck Irrigation Scheme has been a sell-out success, with 26 farmers in Tasmania’s North West poised to benefit.
Farmers call for swift resolution to South Korea trade deal
Agriculture industry groups want the Federal Government to move quickly to ratify a free trade agreement with South Korea, now that the details have been revealed.
Farmers embrace computer training
Tasmanian farmers are embracing a State Government initiative to gain a computer and training to improve their business for as little as $90.
Farmers facing a critical hay shortage
Tasmanian farmers are facing a critical hay shortage as the state's dry conditions persist, with a lack of rain reducing some hay crops by up to 50 per cent as demand surges.
Farmers in southern Tasmania assess rain damage to fruit crops
Farmers in southern Tasmania are assessing damage to fruit crops following heavy rain.
Farmers look to media and local groups for Landcare information
A survey asking Australian farmers where they get their information about sustainable agriculture found that only three per cent get it directly from research and development organisations.
Farmers much more likely to commit suicide
The suicide rate among male Australian farmers is almost 50 per cent higher than the average in rural communities, according to a study calling for better targeted efforts to treat depression.
Farmers urged to register for new backpacker tax rate
Farmers and labour contractors that employ backpackers are being urged to register with the Australian Tax Office to take advantage of the new tax rate.
Farmers welcome global agreement to scrap agricultural export subsidies
Australian farmers say an international agreement to scrap agricultural export subsidies will put them on a level playing field with their competitors from overseas.
Farmers welcome recommended changes to national competition policy
Farmers and the food and grocery sector have welcomed recommendations of the Harper Competition Policy Review.
Farmers welcome review of backpacker tax
Farmers have welcomed a Federal Government review of plans to increase the taxes backpackers pay.
Buy, sell or hire farm machinery and equipment including tractors, irrigation and pumps.
Farming Families Australia 2006 (ABS)
Find 2006 agricultural census data and conclusions on Australian farming families.
Farming groups support Australian Government's proposed effects test
Farming groups have backed the Federal Government's plan to introduce an "effects test" and claim it would help prevent major supermarkets from behaving in an anti-competitive manner.
Farming in Australia - ABS data on the industry (2012)
Data prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the Year of the Farmer in 2012.
Farming Safely in Tasmania
A self-help guide to developing a safety management system for rural businesses in Tasmania.
FarmPoint's first year
Tasmanian farmers are accepting the challenge to go on-line and use communications technology to help their businesses.
FarmPoint Agfest Poster (FarmPoint Agfest Poster_web.pdf 150 KB)
FarmPoint Computer and Training Program_vers 2 ( 0 KB)
old survey form
FarmPoint Training Manual (FarmPoint_Training_Manual_vers1.pdf 538 KB)
A simple manual outlining the key features of the FarmPoint website.
FarmReady industry grants program
The Commonwealth Government has announced that applications are now open for the FarmReady Industry Grants Program, part of the Australia's Farming Future package.
Farrer Memorial Trust - travelling scholarships for 2013 now open
The Farrer Memorial Trust is offering travelling scholarships for postgraduate students, closing 17 May 2013.
Fast track on removing sow stalls
State Government assistance for producers to remove sow stalls
Fat score of ewes at joining: the benefits of optimal nutrition
Provides information on fat score targets for breeding ewes at joining and how conception rates could improve if these targets are reached.
Fatcow - Australian agricultural directory
An Australian agricultural products and services portal.
Federal Budget announcements for agriculture
Aside from a series of new tax breaks for farmers, the Federal Budget contained no major revelations on drought or agriculture policy.
Federal Budget confirms additional funding for Tasmanian freight
Shippers will benefit from an expanded Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme which will come into effect from 1 January 2016.
Federal Budget includes $15 million for national bushfire preparedness
The Australian Government is providing $15 million in the 2014-15 Federal Budget for the creation of a National Bushfire Mitigation Program.
Federal Budget items for farmers across Australia
A big spend on inland rail and a funding boost for the National Landcare Program are the 2017 budget highlights for Australia's farming sector.
Federal Government's latest backpacker tax review gets underway
The Federal Government's latest backpacker tax review is now underway, with the firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu brought in to handle public consultations.
Federal Government changes backpacker tax rules
The Federal Government has responded to backbench and industry pressure and dumped the plan to impose a 32.5 per cent tax on backpacker workers.
Federal Government commits to continuing the rural financial counselling service
The Federal Government will maintain current funding for the Rural Financial Counselling Service.
Federal Government funds weed and pest database
Plant Health Australia has received more than $900,000 from the Federal Government to set up a national weed and plant pest database.
Federal Government rules out compulsory electronic tagging of sheep and goats
The Federal Government has announced that electronic tagging of sheep and goats won’t become compulsory in Australia.
Federal Government scraps food grants program
The Federal Government has scrapped the $1.5 million Community Food Grants program.
Federal government set to change food labelling laws
Federal Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane is promising major changes to Australia's food labelling laws in the wake of the frozen berries hepatitis A scare.
Federal Government to review Horticulture Code of Conduct
The Federal Government has launched an independent review of the code, which was designed to improve transparency in trade between growers and traders of fresh produce
Federal Minister announces terms of reference for agricultural industry white paper
Australian agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce has released the terms of reference of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper announced prior to this year's election.
Feed budget tables
Feed budget tables for drought/dry conditions in southern Australia.
Feed budgeting support for dairy farmers
DairyTas has received funding to provide feed budgeting support for farmers.
Feedback from vegetable growers and agronomists needed
Horticulture Australia Ltd is developing an investment plan for future research, development and extension in the vegetable industry.
Feral cat management response
The State Government is committed to taking a considered and consultative approach to developing an overall feral cat management response.
Fertiliser costs rise with increasing demand
Fertiliser prices are rising as a result of the falling Australian dollar and increasing demand.
Fertiliser planning for dairy farmers
DairyTas, in partnership with Cradle Coast NRM and the Australian Government, is supporting Fert$mart planning for dairy farmers.
Field and Forage Crops
Information on import regulations, varieties, research and development.
Field Day at Tasmania Feedlot, 24 February 2012
Free Field Day at Tasmania Feedlot , Powranna
Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events
For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
Field Fresh Tasmania
Field Fresh Tasmania vegetables are sought by the most discerning markets of Europe, Asia and Australia, sourced from a growing environment with unparalleled natural advantages.
Filling the Research Gap program now open for applications
Filling the Research Gap is a component of the Australian Government program - Carbon Farming Futures.
Final Report of NRM Review
Tasmania will retain and strengthen its Natural Resource Management (NRM) framework, which ensures a high degree of community involvement in addressing environmental issues.
Finance information for farmers and agricultural industries.
Financial assistance
There are a number of programs offering financial assistance to farmers.
Financial counselling in drought
RFCS is a statewide, confidential and free service providing financial assessment, information and support to the farming community.
Find out fast - what’s driving beef demand?
Beef producers seeking a better understanding of what’s driving demand in the domestic and major export markets can now access market insights in a brief, easy-to-read format.
Find out what's new in the horticulture industry
Horticulture Australia Ltd has launched a new online magazine 'Hortlink' that profiles the latest news in horticulture from across the country.
Fine Merino fleece prices continue upward trend
Surging demand from China and Europe, particularly for the finer Merino fleece, continues to push prices upward.
Fire ecology
Find out why fire plays such a key role in the ecology of the Tasmanian natural environment.
Fire permit period
From midnight 5 January 2011 a fire permit period will be in force in all municipalities in Tasmania.
Fire permits needed from 21st December 2011
A fire permit period has been declared for the whole of Tasmania commencing at midnight on Wednesday 21 December 2011
First-hand advice for farmers on flood grants
First-hand advice for farmers on flood grants
First accredited wheat export companies
Five companies have been accredited to export wheat in Australia under the Rudd Government’s reformed bulk wheat export marketing system.
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