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Identifying Sheep and Goats for Agistment in Tasmania
Contains information on identification requirements for agisting sheep and goats in Tasmania.
IFPI Armstrong presentation ( 0 KB)
Presentation given by David Armstrong at IFPI meetings Jan-Feb 2011
IFPI Armstrong spreadsheet (David_Armstrong_ Economics_of_guidance.xls 27 KB)
Spreadsheet prepared and presented by David Armstrong at IFPI Meetings January and February 2011
IFPI Meeting Program Jan 11 ( 0 KB)
Information on public meetings
IFPI Questionnaire (IFPI-Questionnaire_final.pdf 275 KB)
Questionnaire for IFPI meetings
Importing animals into Tasmania (June 2012)
Importing livestock into Tasmania
Importing Horse Semen (importsemen.pdf 55 KB)
Application for authority to import horse semen
Importing used agricultural machinery (February 2010)
Fact sheets containing biosecurity information regarding importing used agricultural machinery into Tasmania
InCalf Book and Other Tools (Dairy Australia)
'Incalf' is a national learning program to achieve measured improvement in herd reproductive performance, developed by Dairy Australia.
Incursion advice: African lovegrass (April 2015)
Biosecurity Tasmania has identified African lovegrass on roadsides in and around Hobart, and on the East Coast. It is a Zone A weed under the Weed Management Act 1999, and requires eradication statewide.
Industry and trade online databases
Online databases related to Industry and Trade.
Industry facts and figures
Industry Profiles and ScoreCards present a snapshot of each industry from the farmgate/beach to the packer/processor and markets overseas, instersate and locally.
Industry information and statistics
Current information available on Tasmanian agricultural industries, including some statistics.
Influx of beneficial Melangnya hoverfly (October 2016)
There have been several immigrations of the beneficial Melangyna hoverfly into Tasmania from mainland Australia since 22 September 2016.
Information for Veterinary Practitioners in Tasmania (February 2013)
DPIPWE web page specifically for veterinary practitioners in Tasmania.
Inland Fisheries Service
Inland Fisheries Service - Managing Trout Fishing In Tasmania
Integrated Pest & Disease Management for Tasmanian apples
The Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM) program is tackling 3 significant issues facing apple producers: Codling Moth, Woolly Apple Aphid and Apple Blackspot (apple scab).
Intelligent irrigation application form (Intelligent_Irrigation_Application_Form.pdf 199 KB)
Application form 2009
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
The IPCC was established to provide the decision-makers and others interested in climate change with an objective source of information about climate change. The IPCC is a scientific intergovernmental body set up by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Internal Parasites in Sheep
There are three broad types of internal parasite that can cause significant health issues in sheep – worms, flukes and protozoa.
International Government Websites
List of international government websites of interest to Tasmanian farmers.
IntoDairy Tasmania
Website containing information on the Tasmanian dairy industry including climate, careers, investment opportunties and pasture production.
Invasive Species in Tasmania
The Invasive Species Branch (ISB) has lead responsibility for terrestrial vertebrate invasive animals and all declared weeds in Tasmania. A number of new and emerging threats, as well as established invasive species, will be targeted by the ISB.
IPM strategies for combatting weevils in apple orchards
Identification, control options and monitoring of weevils in apple orchards.
Irrigation Development in Tasmania
A list of current projects and opportunities being investigated.
Irrigation Management in Tasmania
Irrigation management to increase production, reduce costs and to reduce impacts on the environment.
Irrigation pump efficiency presentation (Irrigation_Pump_Efficiency_presentation.pdf 754 KB)
ARM Irrigation pump efficiency presentation
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Coverage: Taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information of threatened species.
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