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Rabobank 'Farm Managers Program' to run in June 2014
2014 Rabobank Farm Business Managers program, 16 - 20 June 2014
Rabobank identifies five major trends shaping Australia's agriculture in 2015
Rural lender Rabobank has picked the oil price, exchange rate, trade policy, the Chinese economy and the weather as key forces shaping the outlook for rural industry in 2015.
Rabobank predicts fertiliser prices to ease
After global prices for key inputs such as urea and phosphate spiked late last year, Rabobank is now predicting a price correction.
Rabobank releases quarterly Rural Confidence Survey for Tasmania
Rabobank found an increase in farmer confidence in their current quarterly survey for Tasmania.
Rabobank sees challenging times as Tasmanian farmer confidence slides
Tasmanian rural confidence has continued its downward slide, with the state’s farmers hit by a range of challenges including difficult market conditions, high input prices and the continuing high dollar.
Rabobank survey shows a big improvement in Tasmanian farmer confidence
Tasmania’s farmers are feeling considerably more upbeat as seasonal and economic conditions turn in their favour, according to the the latest Rabobank’s Rural Confidence Survey.
Rabobank Survey shows confidence rising in Tasmania
Tasmanian farmers are looking to the coming 12 months with optimism, according to the latest Rabobank quarterly survey.
Rabobank survey shows decline in rural confidence
Tasmanian farmer confidence has declined to its lowest level since late 2014, the latest quarterly Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey has found.
Rabobank survey shows Tasmanian farmer confidence easing
After a strong bounce last quarter, Tasmanian farmer confidence has eased on the back of falling prices and the ‘winter lull’.
Ragwort Alert
Be on the lookout for Ragwort - a declared weed in Tasmania.
Rainbow trout for farm dams
Application form for stocking trout in farm dams
Rainfall deficiencies expand in southeastern Australia
Below average October 2008 rainfall over Victoria, Tasmania, SA, southern and western NSW, southeastern Queensland and the WA interior maintained, and in some cases increased, short and long-term deficiencies in these areas.
Raised off-farm assets limit for drought assistance
The Tasmanian Government is again extending drought-relief assistance to farmers continuing to suffer from the effects of the extended dry period.
ram breech strike res (Ram_Breeding_Workshop_Flyer.pdf 172 KB)
Breeding for breech strike resistance workshop
RamSelect Plus adds new precision to genetic selection
RamSelect Plus features more precise genetic selection tools, as well as new benchmarking and ram team management tools.
ranunculus plant (ranunculus.pdf 2984 KB)
ranunculus plant
RAW show and shine (Show_and_Shine_flyer.pdf 76 KB)
Rural alive and well show and shine day at ouse flyer
Reading poppy crop health signals from the air
Agricultural drones could help Tasmania's poppy industry fight the spread of systemic mildew that affected the 2015 harvest.
Real Estate Institute of Tasmania
The Real Estate Institute of Tasmania is a member organisation representing the views and the professional needs of its members - these being more than 170 real estate agents (and their staff) throughout the state.
Reasons Why Farmers Diversify (Reasons_Why_Farmers_Diversify_RIRDC.pdf 719 KB)
Reasons Why Farmers Diversify
Rebecca Duffy named as 2016 Rural Woman of the Year
Rebecca Duffy from the Tamar Valley has been announced as the 2016 Rural Woman of the Year for Tasmania.
Recognising women’s contribution to the rural sector
Recognising Women’s Contribution to the Rural Sector
Recommencement of restricted strawberry fruit trade from Western Australia (15 August 2016)
Biosecurity Tasmania advises that new, temporary import requirements have been imposed on the trade of Western Australian strawberry fruit as a vector of Green Snail.
Record 2013 exports of Australian beef and veal
Australian beef and veal exports have already exceeded the 2012 calendar year record volume.
Record commodity export earnings in sight
Australia's commodity export earnings are forecast to increaseby 40% to a record $212 billion in 2008-09.
Record keeping for herd improvement (DPI NSW)
The recording systems outlined present a package of practical records for beef producers.
Record national beef slaughter rate could ease
The record number of beef cattle being killed in Australia each week may slow now due to rain.
Record public investment for irrigated agriculture
Record Public Investment For Irrigated Agriculture
Record winter rainfall for Tasmania as farmers struggle
Tasmanian farmers recovering from the June floods are not surprised by the record amounts of rainfall over the past three months.
Record year for Australian beef production
At its AGM in Northern Victoria, Meat and Livestock Australia told producers an extra 700,000 head of cattle have been processed in the eastern states in 2013.
Recreational Game Licences in Tasmania
Recreational game licences authorise the taking of game, i.e. deer, wild duck, mutton-bird (non-commercial), wallaby (non-commercial), brown quail and pheasant during open seasons. This site contains links to bag limits, application forms, etc.
Recycled wind turbine to power Tasmanian dairy farm
An unwanted wind turbine from New South Wales has been given new life in Tasmania.
Red Headed Cockchafer fact sheet (redheaded_factsheet.pdf 773 KB)
Management of red headed cockchafer pasture pest.
Red meat industry strategic plan meeting in Launceston - 17 October 2014
Tasmanian cattle and sheep producers and processors are invited to provide their insights to help define the red meat and livestock industry’s strategic direction to 2020.
Red meat industry to be examined in Senate inquiry
The way meat processors, livestock agents and buyers treat farmers will be examined in a new Senate inquiry into the red meat industry.
Red meat industry welcomes Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement
The Australian red meat industry has welcomed the news that the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement will commence on 15 January 2015.
Red meat industry welcomes South Korea Free Trade Agreement
The Australian beef and sheepmeat industries have welcomed the Australian Government announcement of the successful negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea, saying it was critical for the future of the industry.
Red meat industry welcomes trade agreement with Japan
The Australian red meat industry will soon realise significant benefits following the signing of the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement.
Red meat news and market analysis from MLA
Each week, MLA will provide an insight into what’s driving Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat markets
Red meat producer and processor shares views on new LPA integrity rules
Kitty Sheridan understands the value of Australia’s livestock integrity systems as both a processor and producer.
Red meat producers embrace LPA changes
Thousands of Australian red meat producers have updated their Livestock Production Assurance accreditation as part of the changes that were implemented on 1 October to strengthen the program.
Red meat producers highlight sustainable production
Red meat producers encouraged to demonstrate sustainable practices.
Red Meat Targets early weaning update
Early weaning is a good example of using pasture assessment, reducing demand and setting priorities to improve efficiency.
Red Meat Targets: science on farm
The simplest aspects of science that offer the greatest power and can turn every farm into a research and development centre.
Red Meat Update event in Launceston - Thursday 20 June 2013
The Red Meat Update is a free event and anyone involved in Tasmania’s red meat sector is encouraged to attend - producers, researchers, advisors, industry reps, product suppliers and processors.
Redpa farmer's recipe for MSA success
The Saward family run a cattle breeding and finishing business at Redpa, in far north-west Tasmania.
Reducing emissions
The Tasmanian Climate Change Office is up and running in Hobart’s Salamanca Square and is working on a number of new initiatives as well as finalising the Climate Change Strategy for the State.
Reducing farm greenhouse gas emissions and increasing productivity
A new MLA initiative targets a 10% boost in productivity hand-in-hand with a 30% reduction in emissions intensity.
Reducing methane emissions from cattle
Brewer's grain, a by–product of the beer making process, can reduce methane emissions in cattle by 15 to 20 per cent.
Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF)
The Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) supports the infrastructure needs of regional Australia. Nearly $1 billion has been allocated to the program, with some funding subject to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax. The program funds capital infrastructure projects which are identified as priorities by local communities.
Regional Food Producers Innovation and Productivity Program - Round 2 Open
Expressions of interest are invited for Round 2 of the Regional Food Producers Innovation and Productivity Program (RFPIPP).
Registrations now open for the ABARES 2013 Outlook Conference
With its theme of 'future food, future farming' - the Outlook 2013 conference will examine the key issues for the agriculture fisheries, forestry and food sectors.
Registrations open for 'Boosting Tasmanian Agriculture' forum - 23 August 2013
The Ag Institute Australia (Tasmania Division) and the Tasmania Agricultural Productivity Group present - 'BOOSTING TASMANIAN AGRICULTURE-PROSPERING IN A GLOBAL MARKET PLACE' at Devonport, 23 August 2013
Regulations & Guidelines
Information about regulations and controls affecting Tasmanian farmers.
Relationships Australia Rural Support Team
The Rural Support Team is an innovative outreach project aimed at providing social and emotional support to individuals and families in rural areas through personal counselling and community development activities that help strengthen support networks and build social capital.
Release for new rabbit calicivirus strain delayed
A new strain of the rabbit-killing calicivirus won't be released until spring at the earliest, the Invasive Animals CRC says.
Release of calicivirus for localised rabbit control (March 2015)
Biosecurity Tasmania intends to undertake release of rabbit calicivirus for biological control of European rabbit populations at various sites throughout Tasmania during March and April 2015.
Release of live animal export investigation reports
The Department of Agriculture has released four compliance investigation reports concerning the handling, unauthorised movement and slaughter of Australian livestock exported to overseas markets.
Release of new Carbon Farming Handbook
The Australian Government has released the new Carbon Farming Handbook
Release of new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus in Tasmania (February 2017)
The national release of a Korean strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, known as RHDV1 K5 will commence from the first week of March, 2017. Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus is also known as rabbit calicivirus.
Release of the Vegetable Industry Strategic Investment Plan
Feedback from growers is sought on the Vegetable Industry Strategic Investment Plan.
Reminder to vaccinate dogs against canine parvovirus (April 2016)
A veterinary practice on Tasmania's North West has recently reported several confirmed cases of canine parvovirus.
Removal of school animals labelled a "fiasco"
The Chief of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania Scott Gadd, has urged the Brighton Council to change its stance on the removal of animals from the school farm at Brighton.
Report into food and agriculture
A report has been released by the Senate Select Committee on Agriculture and Related Industries on Food Production in Australia.
Report on RFA released
The Federal and Tasmanian governments joint independent report into the implementation of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement.
Reporting on red meat research and development outcomes
Levy payers, researchers and anyone else interested in tracking MLA’s research and development investments now have easy access to an extensive online library of reports and summaries.
Research breakthrough in combatting poppy crop fungal disease
Tasmanian researchers have found a new fungicide that can combat a virulent fungal disease that damaged poppy crops across the state last year.
Research funds to continue for the sheep industry
The sheep industry has secured $60 million worth of research and development funding for the next five years, despite a cut in Federal Government funding.
Research into data use and digital technology by farmers
A researcher at the University of New England is running a nationwide online survey to determine farmer opinion of Big Data and related technologies in primary production.
Research online databases
Online databases related to research.
Research organisations
Cooperative research centres and other organisations focussing on agricultural research and development.
Research Services for Farmers
Research services offered by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Library include access to a number of free online databases and the library catalogue of the Department.
Research shows Australians would pay more for potatoes
Australians would be willing to pay more for loose washed potatoes and organic loose potatoes than they already do, according to industry-backed consumer research.
Research & Development
Research and development is a key component of Tasmanian agricultural industries and their development.
Researchers complete the first sequencing of the entire sheep genome.
After eight years of work, researchers have completed the first sequencing of the entire sheep genome.
Residues in Food and Fibre (Tasmania)
There is a risk that some residues in agricultural and veterinary chemicals may be found in agricultural products.
Response to allegations of non-compliance with live animal export regulations in Mauritius
The Department of Agriculture received a complaint from Animals Australia on 23 October alleging breaches of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) relating to Australian cattle in Mauritius.
Results of latest waterway testing for chemicals
The results from the latest round of chemical testing of Tasmania's rivers and streams have been released.
Rethinking strategies for lifting farm productivity growth
Rethinking strategies for lifting farm productivity growth
Revamped wool bales set for approval
After several years of trials across the country, the Australian Wool Pack Standard is being revamped to comply with road transport regulations.
Review of Australia’s agricultural export regulations
A review of Australia's agricultural export regulations is an opportunity to reduce red tape, identify more efficient processes and encourage innovation.
Review of regulation in the Tasmanian poppy industry
The report makes 16 recommendations on ways to improve the regulatory processes of the Poppy Advisory and Control Board and the wider poppy industry.
Review of research, development and extension policy for the national meat industry
Livestock industry R,D and E is set for a major restructure after an independent review commissioned by MLA and peak producer bodies.
Review of Tasmania's current moratorium on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in primary industries
The terms of reference for a review of Tasmania’s current moratorium on GMOs in primary industries have been released. The review will give all stakeholders the opportunity to express their views before the moratorium expires in November 2014.
Review of the Primary Industry Activities Protection Act 1995 - submissions open until 4 August 2014
The State Government has announced a review of the Primary Industry Activities Protection Act 1995.
Review of the Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust
Review of the Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust
Review of TIAR development and extension services
TIAR is conducting a review of its development and extension services.
Review of wool selling systems
Submissions to a review of the way wool is offered for sale in Australia have raised numerous ideas to replace the traditional auction system.
Review recommends Rural Financial Counselling Service should continue
A review of the Rural Financial Counselling Service has recommended that it continue.
Revival in studying agriculture looks sustained
First round university offers indicate there's sustained interest from students wanting to study agriculture.
Revival of red meat forecast committee
Revival of Red Meat Forecast Committee
RHDV1 K5 to control wild rabbits
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) has been used in Australia for more than 20 years to minimise the impacts of introduced European rabbits on farming and the environment. The RHDV1 Czech v351 strain has been available to authorised users as a biological control agent since 1996. A strain introduced in 2017, known as RHDV1 K5, is now available for purchase.
Ringarooma named as national Legendairy Capital
Ringarooma named as national Legendairy Capital for 2017.
Riparian Bush Management in Tasmania
Stock access to waterways can be managed to minimise damage.
Riparian field day (Riparian_Field_Day_Flyer.pdf 638 KB)
Event flyer
RIRDC publications and research reports
Publications and research reports on plant and animal products, both established and emerging industries, published by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC).
RIRDC Rural Women's Award 2009
Jane Lovell, of Devonport, has won the 2009 Tasmanian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women's Award for her work in quality assurance.
RIRDC seeks new non-executive directors from July 2014
Applications are being sought for non-executive directors of RIRDC for a three-year term, commencing in July 2014.
Rising demand for opiates driving interstate poppy crop expansion
Harvesting of opium poppy crops is underway at a number of trial sites in Victoria, as demand for opiates used in painkillers, increases.
Rivers & water supply commission revamp
The Minister for Primary Industries and Water, David Llewellyn, today announced a revamp of the Rivers and Water Supply Commission with the formation of two new subsidiary companies to manage and progress irrigation water developments throughout Tasmania.
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