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Grants & Funding

Details of financial support for farmers, including support for development in the agricultural sector and for landcare and natural resource management (NRM) activities. 

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Funding for Landcare and NRM activities

Opportunities for landholders and organisations to seek funding to undertake NRM and landcare activities.


Provides links to various organisations providing scholarships and programs related to agriculture.

Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events

For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.

Help for Tasmanian businesses to invest in renewable energy

The Tasmanian Government has launched a program to help Tasmanian businesses invest in renewable energy.

Rural Women's Award

Rural Women's Award
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Farm Energy and Irrigation Audits

The On-farm Energy and Irrigation Audit Program provides a subsidy to assist farmers engage a qualified professional to review their farm energy use and infrastructure and systems, and to identify savings strategies.

Farm Finance Concessional Loan Scheme (Tasmania)

The Australian Government has provided $15 million per year (over two years from 2013-14) for the provision of concessional loans to eligible farm businesses in Tasmania. This program is managed by the Department of State Growth.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Tasmania

There are three NRM regional groups in Tasmania, each working with farmers and others to address their natural resource management needs and concerns. This link is to the site for NRM North, which also provides links to Cradle Coast NRM and NRM South.

Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (DHHS)

The Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) provides financial assistance with travel and/or accommodation costs to Tasmanian residents who need to travel: more than 50 kms (one way) to the nearest oncology or dialysis treatment centre; or more than 75 kms (one way) to the nearest appropriate specialist medical service; or more than 75 kms (one way) to access lymphoedema treatment.

Private Land Conservation Program in Tasmania

Programs providing assistance for conservation on private land.

Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF)

The Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) supports the infrastructure needs of regional Australia. Nearly $1 billion has been allocated to the program, with some funding subject to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax. The program funds capital infrastructure projects which are identified as priorities by local communities.

Stock Underpass Pilot Program (June 2017)

The Tasmanian Government has announced a Stock Underpass Pilot Program to help dairy farmers improve road and farm safety.

Vehicle registrations in Tasmania

About vehicle registration and concessions in Tasmania. Department of State Growth.

Women and Leadership Australia

Women and Leadership Australia


WorkVentures is an Australian not-for-profit social enterprise to engage with individuals and communities to build the capacity to improve lives through new skills, access to technology, community contribution and fulfilling employment.