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Dams and Dam Permits

Under the Water Management Act 1999 a dam permit is generally required for all dams except in circumstances such as:

  • a dam that is not on a watercourse and that holds less than one megalitre of water
  • a dam constructed for the primary purpose of storing waste as defined in the Act.

In addition to a barrier across a watercourse, a "dam" includes an excavation in a water course and a flood levee, both of which also require a permit under the Act.

As a general rule, any works in a watercourse may require a permit and should be referred to the DPIPWE.  Your local Regional Water Management Officer can assist you in determining if a permit is required under the Water Management Act 1999


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Australian National Committee of Large Dams Incorporated

A voluntary association of organisations and individual professionals with an interest in dams in Australia.

Dam works permit guidelines (DPIPWE)

These Guidelines provide advice for obtaining a dam permit under the Water Management Act 1999.

Rainbow trout for farm dams

Application form for stocking trout in farm dams

Water Management Regions in Tasmania

Tasmania is divided into eight water management regions, with major offices in Hobart, Prospect, Devonport and Smithton. Each region is supported by a Regional Water Management Officer (RWMO) who can provide advice on farm dams and general water-related issues.

Wells and Bores in Tasmania

A licence is not required to take water from a well unless specified by a Water Management Plan or unless the well is situated in an area of land declared as a Groundwater Area by the Minister.