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Lambs Alive - 29th August 2018
Macquarie Franklin and Sheep Connect are partnering to deliver one of the very popular Lambs Alive workshops in the 2018 lambing season. There is a great opportunity for the sheep industry to improve both animal welfare and productivity by lifting the survival of lambs and ewes at lambing time.
'Country of origin' labels on pork products unclear, butchers say
The "Australian ingredients" in your packaged pork might just be smoke and water, Tasmanian butchers have warned amid concerns new labelling laws are not clear enough.
Drought puts heat in wheat
SIGNIFICANTLY-reduced prospects for Australian wheat export volumes in 2018-19 are now joined by declining production and export prospects for the Black Sea region and Europe. And global prices have moved higher as production concerns grow.
Organic, grass fed and hormone-free: does this make red meat any healthier?
Red meat is an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fats, which are linked to heart and brain health. But while a small quantity of lean meat may be good for us, too much red or processed meat can increase our risk of some cancers.
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Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project – have your say.
If you are a red meat producer, advisor or livestock buyer, it is time to have your say on pasture management in Tasmania.
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Aussie wine sets sights on US market resurgence as global export growth continues
Australia's international wine exports continue to surge, with the latest export figures hitting the highest growth in 15 years.
NSW farmers desperately seeking feed from all over Australia as the drought deepens
Many farmers in Australia are desperately searching for feed to keep precious livestock alive as the drought deepens.
US food regulator FDA signals intent to crack down on plant products using term 'milk'
Manufacturers of plant-based milk alternatives sold in the United States may soon have to stop using the term 'milk' to describe their products.
Tasmania's business outlook 'remarkably good', but 'structural' problems ahead
Tasmania's business outlook is "remarkably good" for the next few years, according to the latest Deloitte Access Economics report.
Innovative farmers come up with ways to phase out single-use plastic packaging
Innovative farmers and producers are coming up with their own solutions to phase out single-use plastic, but hope the market will drive demand for plastic-free options.
Small and New Landholders
People become small landholders for various reasons. Some purchase their property for a hobby, recreation or sporting activities.
Tasmanian cheese: Using a raw milk traditional method in the modern age
When does a cheese maker become a dairy farmer? When they want to push the boundaries of cheese making in Australia and make raw milk cheese. "When the cheesery is on the farm it means you can use milk that is hours old, literally minutes old, milked that morning and that is a critical step to guarantee the quality of that milk," Tasmanian cheese maker Nick Haddow said.
Australian lamb prices continue to sizzle as overseas demand soars
In the middle of winter, there is nothing more comforting than a traditional lamb roast. The thing is, you might end up paying through the nose for the privilege if prices continue to head north like they have been.
Europe's heatwave has brought a savage summer as climate change slashes the odds of more like it
In Australia we know about sweltering summer heat. We all remember the images of burned koala paws, collapsing tennis players and, far more seriously, the tragic events of Black Saturday. Aussies may scoff at Britain's idea of a heatwave, but this time it's the real deal and it's no laughing matter.
Hydrogen power plant pilot, a first for Queensland, highlights resurgence of humble chemical element
General interest - It is often associated with nuclear bombs and overzealous hype in the 1970s, but now the idea of hydrogen as a clean energy source is making a comeback in Australia.
Minister Littleproud is visiting the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina
Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud will be the first Australian Agriculture Minister to visit the United States since 2009.
Wool prices give growers the cash to upgrade farms
In 2016/2017 wool grown and sold in Australia returned $2.7 billion, and just one year later that figure has risen to $3.4 billion.